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Door hangers don’t have to look like the conventional “Do Not Disturb” type of hanger you still see at hotels. They can also include polybags, product samples, and personalized URLs, as well as high-quality printing and graphics.

Direct Delivery, Verified Distribution

Door hangers allow you to pinpoint your marketing message and deliver it directly to your prospect’s front door. Some specialty marketing firms can offer verified distribution of your printed door hangers, complete with GPS-equipped carriers, that enable you to target a specific locality by zip code, city, or with targeted demographic data.

Test different messages on different segments of your audience to determine what offers are most effective and refine your campaign before rolling it out to your entire market. Restaurants can use door hangers to achieve a variety of goals, such as introducing new stores, promote offers, build customer loyalty, encourage trial of new menu items, increase check size, promote different day parts, and encourage more frequent visits. Door hangers will help you stand out and get your message straight into the hands of your prospects. In return, they just might break out of their comfort zone and order something new.


Door hangers are delivered to homes, but they’re not lumped in mailboxes with “junk mail”

Placed on door knobs, door hangers are practically impossible to ignore

Official notices, such as missed deliveries and utilities notices, are distributed on door hangers; as such, customers are very likely to read your door hangers

Door hangers are more personal; they hang alone, and they’re tangible items customers can pick, hold, and carry.

Endless eye catching possibilities using Leaflets, Brochures, Flyers, Tot Bags etc...