Each distribution promotion is unique where we can saturate a zoned area or target address specific locations.  Our mutual goal is to maximize the level of response targeting your potential audience.  If you're not sure Who your target market is we can assist in using demographic classifications, lifestyle segmentation, consumer behavior, consumer buying power and ethnicity from various sources.  


Q: What states do you deliver within?

A: We have delivered within 47 states and counting.

Q: What is a typical respone rate?

A: Many factors can affect response rate, such as market conditions, message and offer, creative, targeting, distribution (quality and quantity), and product or service characteristics.

Q: Do you provide print media services?

A: We have great print media partners that can assist you.

Q: What if I only want to reach 200 people?

A: No delivery is too small or too big. We charge by the location, availability and quantity of front door media pieces.

You will be able to choose How you want to distribute your marketing pieces, i.e. samples, door hangers and coupons. This allows you to be creative with materials, signage, leaflet, tot bag and door hanger of your choice.  Give your target market something tangible to hold.  If you don't have your own printer services we can assist in using one of our reputable print partners.  

Whether your campaign consists of 500 or 500,000 front door media products, you can be assured of reaching your correct targeted market. 

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  • We offer GPS Tracking during delivery
  • We have over Eight years of Experience 
  • We provide Delivery Photos
  • We have the Man Power for large promotions
  • We Verify and Guarantee Marketing materials meets there destination
  • We have the Trust of Repeat Clients

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​HLR Mobile is a full Marketing Distribution Company.  We provide flexible distribution schedules that can be arranged to coincide with forthcoming promotions and seasonal variations.  Often redeemable vouchers can be used to evaluate the success of each flyer distribution campaign.

Considered to be the most cost effective form of advertising, door to door distribution can work on a national or local basis.  With HLR Mobile we can assist in generating new customers, building brand awareness, attracting new customers which will lead to increased sales.

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